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APIVIRINE is a revolutionary product developed by Dr. Valentin Agon

Known as a pioneer of herbal medicines, Dr. Valentin Agon has made some groundbreaking discoveries in the domain of herbal medicines to help people restore better health and well-being.

Meet Wellness Enthusiast Dr. Valentin Agon!

Born and raised in Africa, Dr. Agon is one of the finest and most qualified specialists in the field of alternative medicine. The competent herbalist completed his doctorate in herbal medicines.

The renowned Ph.D. doctor and researcher has always been passionate about exploring organic biodynamic to find natural treatment processes and therapies for his patients and his people.
His interest and passion for researching the power and potential of plant-sourced nutrition led him to invent effective solutions for prevalent diseases or disorders like malaria in Africa. Dr. Agon has won several prestigious awards in the field of “alternative medicines” and for his contributions to promoting successful entrepreneurship and unique natural treatments.

Api-Palu- an anti-malaria drug sourced from natural plant extract is one of the leading and successful researches of Dr. Agon. The drug is not only cost-effective but also more affordable than other available anti-malaria medicines. It contains a powerful inhibitory effect on causative agents of malaria such as 3D7 Plasmodium strains.

It is the effort, determination, and compassion of Dr. Agon to help people fight malaria naturally that reduced malaria cases in Africa significantly. Api-Palu demonstrated great results and people could get rid of the disease in a relatively shorter and cheaper way.

For his incredible contributions to the wellness industry, Dr. Agon received an IPA grand prize of $100,000 in Gaborone. Agon’s contribution to developing natural medication doesn’t end here. His commitment to improving people’s life continued with the invention of APIVIRINE- natural antiviral methanol extracts from Sickle bush.
The discovery of APIVIRNE by herbal medication experts like Dr. Agon has shown the world the scope of active asset extraction and modern plant production. Dr. Agon’s amazing formula is a combination of over 15 individual chemicals. It is an excellent medication to treat and prevent a variety of viral infections.

APIVRINE is formulated with the extracts of Dichrostachys Glomatara- a African tree commonly known as “Sickle bush”.  The native America plant offers a host of benefits. Its roots, leaves, and barks can help treat toothaches, headaches, snakebites, coughs and sore eyes.

For many years, Dichrostachys Glomatara roots were used by women as a contraceptive, laxative, and for massage. People in Africa also used crushed roots of Dichrostachys Glomatara in roots for it’s a purgative, diuretic, and anthelminitic benefits.

In addition to that, Dichrostachys Glomatara has been a miracle tree for treating wounds, boil burns, stomachache, chest complaints and plenty of other health conditions.

As Dr. Agon believes in providing natural solutions to his patients, he used Dichrostachys Glomatara leaves extracts in APIVRINE that made it incredibly effective natural solution for a variety of health problems.

He finds and uses only the highest quality ingredients in his herbal medication. For Dr. Agon, the inspiration to explore the best natural plant extracts comes from the belief that “Nature is the panacea to our everyday wellness”.

Dr. Agon takes pride in creating and developing products like APIVIRINE to improve the immunity of millions of Africans against viruses and help them access the easy-to-find healthcare solution.